Will the Supreme Court Let Louisiana Execute a Man Who Says He’s …

DeSanctis seems to struggle for a moment to keep from yelling that Atkins has everything to do with this case. He stays calm and presses on, explaining that, in fact, Brumfield put forth loads to evidence—even before Atkins!—suggesting a mental deficit: an IQ of 75, a history of special education and mental hospitalization, possible neurological [...]

Supreme Court mulls lengthy patent deals in spat over Spider-Man toy

A disagreement over a toy that lets kids pretend they’re Spider-Man is the impetus for one of two patent cases the Supreme Court is considering this year. The subject matter in Kimble v. Marvel Enterprises is lighthearted enough that one has to imagine some kind of mild joke will be made from the bench. But while the lawsuit doesn’t have [...]

Supreme Court declines to hear ObamaCare ‘death panel’ challenge

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a challenge to ObamaCare that argued a cost-cutting board set up by the law was unconstitutional.  The case dealt with the law’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), which critics of ObamaCare have labeled a “death panel.” The board is charged with recommending ways to cut Medicare spending [...]

Gay marriage pioneer chosen to argue Supreme Court case

Mary Bonauto, the civil rights project director at Gay Lesbian Advocates Defenders, will argue the same-sex marriage case at the Supreme Court in April 2015.(Photo: AP) WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court’s date with same-sex marriage next month just became even more historic. Lawyers for gay and lesbian plaintiffs Tuesday chose Mary Bonauto, the movement’s pioneer [...]

Kerala High Court upholds govt liquor policy, confines bar licence to five …

A division bench of Kerala high court on Tuesday ratified the new liquor policy of the Congress government, paving the way for closure of all liquor bar hotels except those in the five- star classification. Accordingly, from April 2 onwards, only 24 five-star hotels in Kerala would have the licence to serve Indian-made foreign liquor [...]

Does wearing American flag incite violence? Supreme Court lets stand ruling.

Washington — The US Supreme Court announced on Monday that it would not take up a major First Amendment case testing whether school officials in California violated the free speech rights of three high school students who were told they could not wear American flag T-shirts at school because it might upset students of Mexican [...]

Quince blazed trail to the Florida Supreme Court

Florida Supreme Court Justice Peggy Quince(Photo: Jeff Burlew/Democrat) Peggy Quince never imagined she’d become a lawyer — or the first African-American woman to serve on the Florida Supreme Court. Growing up in Chesapeake, Virginia, she always wanted to be a doctor instead. She studied zoology at Howard University in the late 1960s but found herself [...]

NC sex-offender monitoring’s constitutionality questioned by US Supreme Court

A North Carolina program that uses GPS to monitor sex offenders will be scrutinized again by the state’s highest court. The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ordered the N.C. Supreme Court to reconsider a legal challenge by Torrey Dale Grady, a sex offender arguing that his constitutional rights are being violated by the program. The [...]

Kerala High Court upholds ban on liquor in bars

A division bench of Kerala High Court Tuesday ratified the new liquor policy of the Congress-led government, which had envisaged the closure of all liquor bars except those in the five-start category. The division bench also nullified the single bench order which allowed liquor licence for four-star and heritage hotels. However, the court ratified the [...]

Kerala Government’s Plans for Dry State Approved by High Court

Thiruvananthapuram:  Kerala’s no-liquor policy has been given a thumbs up by the High Court, which has said that it is in line with the Indian Constitution. “Tourism cannot be the only motive of any policy, welfare and health of people is equally important,” the court said, adding that “the promotion of tourism cannot translate into [...]

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