State decides against sending Mark Jensen case to Supreme Court

A Kenosha County man convicted of poisoning his wife with antifreeze will get a new trial. The Wisconsin Department of Justice said Thursday that it will not take Mark Jensen’s trial to the U.S. Supreme Court. That announcement now sets up a retrial in Kenosha County. Mark Jensen, of Pleasant Prairie, was convicted in 2008 [...]

Venezuelan Socialists Pressure Supreme Court To Change Election Outcome

JP Carroll In a bid to change the outcome of Venezuela’s Dec. 6 legislative elections, the ruling Venezuelan Socialist Party wants to appoint sympathetic judges to the country’s Supreme Court. The conservative Democratic Unity Roundtable, known as MUD, publicly accused Socialist President Nicolas Maduro Wednesday of using “legal tricks to steal something the voters didn’t want to [...]

US Supreme Court asked to hear lawsuit against deputy in fatal shooting

Hello there! Would you like to share your details with us for better personalization? Share on Facebook Print WASHINGTON—Attorneys for a Walworth County sheriff’s deputy hope the U.S. Supreme Court will reverse lower courts’ decisions and dismiss a deputy from a civil lawsuit stemming from the 2012 fatal shooting of a town of Lyons man. [...]

Authors Guild Asks Supreme Court to Hear Google Books Copyright Case

It looked like the 10-year copyright clash between Google and the Authors Guild was finished once and for all when a unanimous appeals court ruled in October that the tech giant’s scanning of 20 million books was fair use. But there may be one more chapter. The Authors Guild has now asked the Supreme Court [...]

Why the next Supreme Court vacancy will favor liberals, no matter who retires

If the Supreme Court follows the election returns, as the old saying goes, the 2016 election will set the court’s path for a generation. When the next president is sworn in, three sitting justices — Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy — will be in their 80s; Stephen Breyer will be 78. These [...]

The biggest healthcare cases for the Supreme Court in 2016

The Supreme Court is set to take up several cases in 2016 that could have big ramifications for abortion, Obamacare and even the insurance industry. Here is a look at the biggest cases to be decided next year: Abortion Court halts Utah’s Planned Parenthood defunding Planned Parenthood sued Utah in October after the governor decided [...]

Mon commission and supreme court wrangle over justice center rent

MORGANTOWN (W.Va.) — Monongalia County commissioners and state court officials continue to disagree over a fair leasing price for county space used by the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. Now, county leaders are asking for intervention to force an agreement. “Six months ago we contacted the West Virginia Supreme Court and said that we [...]

Podcast: Dissent and the Supreme Court

Revered judicial authority Melvin Urofsky sits down with the National Constitution Center’s Jeffrey Rosen to discuss his new book on the history of dissent at the Supreme Court and its role in the nation’s constitutional dialogue. In Dissent and the Supreme Court, Urofsky explores the great dissents in the 225-year history of the Court and explains how the Court [...]

The End Of Unions? Upcoming Supreme Court Case Could Overturn Power To Collect …

When Marc Williams greets his high school students every morning, the last thing he wants to worry about is his upcoming teacher evaluation. Or what new regulations could be in store for next year, or how he will negotiate with the school’s administration should any issues arise in his classroom. He’s there to teach kids, [...]

Supreme Court Makes Everyone Lie About Abortion

Abortion again is headed to the Supreme Court. At issue is a Texas law setting medical standards for abortionists. Clinics must maintain the standards of “ambulatory surgical centers” and doctors must have “admitting privileges” at local hospitals. The rules would close three-fourths of existing clinics, so abortion advocates filed suit. The case has national implications [...]

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