For the Supreme Court, March Comes in Like a Lion – And Goes Out Like One, Too

Not surprisingly, Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito sided with the challengers, as Justice Thomas will likely do as well. But even though he praised the accommodation in Hobby Lobby, Justice Kennedy suggested that it did constitute a “substantial burden” under RFRA because the adherents said so. Although other Kennedy comments were more in line [...]

State Supreme Court will not hear Santa Clarita family’s tribal custody appeal

The California Supreme Court will not hear an appeal from a Santa Clarita foster family to return a girl to them after she was relocated to live with her extended Native American family in Utah. The court rejected attorney Lori Alvino-McGill’s request without comment Wednesday, leaving her and her clients, Rusty and Summer Page and [...]

Trump stumbles on Supreme Court basics

Live Article source: Supreme Court

Consent of the spouse not required for organ donation Kerala HC

The High Court of Kerala on Monday (28/03/16) has ruled that the consent of a spouse is not a statutory requirement, for making organ donation in case of transplantation amongst non related persons.The ruling was delivered by a bench comprising of Justice C.K.Abdul Rehim and Justice Shaji.P Chaly in Basheer v State of Kerala others. [...]

Hiring musclemen to recover loans is illegal: Kerala High Court

In a landmark judgement on Wednesday, the Kerala High Court ruled that the practice of banks and financial institutions hiring musclemen to recover loans from borrowers “is illegal, unethical and against protection of public interest.” According to news agency PTI the court pronounced its verdict following an appeal filed by a detective agency in Kozhikode, which [...]

How Justice Goodwin Liu is shaking up the California Supreme Court

Cases the California Supreme Court declines to review may be as important as the court’s full-blown rulings, especially to the litigants. But little is known about why the court rejects certain appeals. The justices vote on which cases to accept in a closed meeting held around a large, imposing table in the chief justice’s corner [...]

It’s Been 40 Years Since the Supreme Court Tried to Fix the Death Penalty — Here’s How It Failed

In early April 1976, Potter Stewart, Lewis Powell, and John Paul Stevens met for lunch at the Monocle, a venerable Washington steakhouse, and decided the future of the American death penalty. The three U.S. Supreme Court justices were in a bind. Each harbored substantial misgivings about capital punishment, but each man — Stewart especially — [...]

Supreme Court struggles with just eight justices

x Embed x Share USA TODAY’s Richard Wolf breaks down the recent historic decisions the United States Supreme Court that is deadlocked over cases with an even number of justices. USA TODAY The Supreme Court’s eight remaining justices face Justice Antonin Scalia’s coffin as he lies in repose in the court’s Great Hall on Feb. [...]

Sept 2009 Varkala murder: Kerala court awards life sentence to seven Dalit rights activists

All the seven Dalit Human Rights Movement (DHRM) activists who were been found guilty of murder in Thiruvananthapuram in September 2009 has been awarded life sentences on Thursday. On Thursday, Thiruvananthapuram Additional Sessions court judge A Badharudheen while awarding the life sentence said the convicts will also have to pay Rs 6 lakhs to Shibaprasad’s [...]

Trump vows to appoint Supreme Court justices who will investigate Hillary Clinton’s emails

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told Good Morning America on Wednesday that he would appoint Supreme Court justices who would investigate Hillary Clinton’s emails. At the very end of the interview, ABC News host David Muir asked Trump to respond to a comment Hillary Clinton made this week. “As scary as it might be, ask [...]

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