Kerla HC pulls up Kochi Corp on waste management

KOCHI: Expressing concern over piling up of waste in the city, the Kerala High Court has directed the Kochi Corporation to ensure that sufficient bins are provided to gather waste or make necessary arrangements for the house-to-house collection on a day-to-day basis. Other than regular removal of waste, Kochi corporation should provide sufficient camera surveillance in areas where waste is being thrown by the people. 

The Corporation is at liberty to seek the assistance and help of people who are interested in social activities, and such organizations which are able to render necessary help to ensure the cleanliness. Adequate steps should be taken to implement the directions and the provisions of the Kerala Municipality Act, 1994, within a period of six months. The High Court also directed the Corporation to file an affidavit with respect to the actions initiated in respect of the disposal of waste, the fine imposed and the prosecution registered.

The court issued the order on the petition filed by Abraham Clancy Ross, Azad Road Kaloor seeking a directive to the Kochi Corporation to take immediate urgent steps to remove the waste deposited in his residential area.  The court also urged the public to ensure that waste is not being thrown to the vacant and public properties which will cause much more difficulties to the Corporation to maintain hygiene within its limits. 

However, the Kochi Corporation is awaiting the council meeting to take up the issue for discussion. “Corporation council is yet to discuss the High Court order on the installation of cameras and waste bins. It was an earlier HC verdict which restricted the placing of bins across the city. So, we have to study the ruling in detail before arriving at a decision,” said Minimol V K. 

However, the residents’ associations are upbeat about the ruling.  “The waste management is a long-pending issue in Kochi. The official apathy towards finding a permanent solution has made the resident’s life miserable. If the Corporation wants to coordinate  with resident’s association to implement the new HC ruling, we would love to assist them,” said Rangadasa Prabhu, president, Ernakulam District Residents’ Association Apex Council (EDRAAC)The court has also made it clear if there was any violation of the directions of the court by any person residing within the city limits, contempt of court case will be initiated by the authorities. The court posted the hearing of the case to March 12, 2019.

Article source: Kerala High Court

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