Historic Supreme Court cases that hit home

The family of J.D. Shelley pictured at their home, 4600 Labadie Ave. From left, Mrs. Minerva Coleman, a daughter, holding her son Jesse Jr.; Chatlee, Mrs. Shelley, Mr. Shelley, Leatha and J.D. Jr. Article source: Supreme Court

Ohio Supreme Court: Complete autopsy reports on Rhodens are not public

CLOSE James Manley, brother of Pike County massacre victim Dana Rhoden, appeared in court Monday afternoon. Prosecutors asked the judge to dismiss the preliminary hearing so that probable cause could be presented in secret to a grand jury. The Enquirer/Carrie Cochran Buy Photo The Enquirer/Carrie Cochran Mailboxes mark where the trailers of Frankie Rhoden and [...]

Supreme Court Denies Re-Sentencing in Juvenile Murder Case

HELENA — A U.S. Supreme Court decision prohibiting mandatory life-without-parole sentences for juveniles convicted of murder also applies to Montana cases in which judges used their discretion to hand down the same sentence, the Montana Supreme Court has ruled. However, in a 4-3 ruling Wednesday, justices denied a man’s petition for resentencing for a murder [...]

The Hawaii Supreme Court Must Affirm the Equality of Same-Sex Parents

The couple, C.C. and D.D., married in Washington, D.C., in 2013. Shortly thereafter, the two women moved to Hawaii, where C.C. had been called on military orders. During the course of their marriage, they considered having a child together. While C.C. was deployed between January and September 2015, D.D. sought out a sperm donor and [...]

Hickenlooper picks CU professor for vacant Colorado Supreme Court seat, solidifying his legacy for the panel

Gov. John Hickenlooper on Thursday announced that he’s chosen University of Colorado law professor Melissa Hart to fill a vacant seat on the Colorado Supreme Court, solidifying his impact on the panel by choosing arguably the most left-leaning of the three women nominated for his consideration. Melissa Hart Hart — who is a registered Democrat — [...]

Ohio Supreme Court shields full autopsy reports in Pike County massacre

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Iowa Supreme Court hears argument: Who are Baby H’s parents?

CLOSE Paul and Chantele Montover talk about their struggle with a surrogate at their home in Cedar Rapids. Bryon Houlgrave/The Register Buy Photo Paul and Chantele Montover of Cedar Rapids went through a lengthy court procedure to gain custody of their daughter who was born via the use of a gestational carrier.(Photo: Bryon Houlgrave/The Register)Buy [...]

Hickenlooper to name new Colorado Supreme Court justice Thursday

Eid, whose husband, Troy, is a former U.S. attorney, was confirmed by the U.S. Senate for the post on Nov. 2. She replaced Justice Neil Gorsuch, whom Trump named to the U.S. Supreme Court last January. Last month the state Supreme Court Nominating Commission advanced the names of three finalists, all women, to Hickenlooper. They [...]

Colorado baker at the center of a Supreme Court case takes no guff from Duff Goldman

Duff Goldman is an artist. If you’ve seen only a single episode of Ace of Cakes on the Food Network — or a single picture of one of Duff’s custom cakes — then you know that what Duff creates is not simply cake. It’s art. The website for Charm City Cakes — Duff’s shop — [...]

Greece Supreme Court Backs Extraditing Russian Bitcoin Laundering Suspect to US

Greece’s Supreme Court has ruled in favor of extraditing a Russian cybercrime suspect to the United States to stand trial for allegedly laundering billions of dollars using the virtual currency bitcoin. Alexander Vinnik made his final appearance at an Athens court Wednesday amid an ongoing legal battle between the U.S. and Russia, who are both [...]

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