Ten get life term for murder

A court at Manjeri sentenced 10 people to life imprisonment in a twin murder case that took place at a mosque near Kottakkal in 2008.

The Additional Sessions Court II on Tuesday awarded the life term to the 10 for stabbing to death Pulikkal Aboobacker, 55, and Pulikkal Abdu, 45, two sons of Pulikkal Mohammed Haji.

The murder of the siblings had taken place soon after the Friday Juma (mass) prayers at the Kuttippuram Juma Masjid, near Kottakkal, on August 29, 2008. Over a dozen others were injured in the bloody clash between two groups belonging to rival families. The violence was the result of a long-standing dispute for control over the mosque and mahal administration.

The court found 11 accused guilty of murder, attempt to murder, and weapon attack. Amariyil Mohammed Haji, the seventh accused, died during trial. The 10 accused sent to prison on Tuesday are Amariyil Abu Sufiyan, 57; Pallipuram Yusuf, 60; Pallipuram Mohammed Navas, 36; Pallipuram Ibrahimkutty, 44; Pallipuram Mujeeb Rahman, 35; Thayyil Saidalavi, 67; Pallipuram Abdu Haji, 60; Thayyil Moideenkutty, 65; Pallipuram Abdul Rasheed, 46; and Amariyil Beeran, 70.


The court found that the accused had brought weapons to the mosque anticipating violence.

Blood had remained ponded near the place of ablutions at the mosque and two daggers and their sheaths were recovered by the police from the site.

M.P. Abdussamad Samadani, former MLA of Kottakkal, had been attacked by Pulikkal Kunhava, 65, elder brother of the murdered siblings during a conciliation talk he held on November 8, 2013. The MLA had been hospitalised with a broken nose.

The Pulikkal and Amariyil families of Kuttippuram Alinchuvadu mahal had been warring for dominance on the mahal committee for long. Many clashes had taken place between the members of those rival families.

Article source: Legal News

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