Why YOU Should Be Furious About the Courts’ Treatment of Hadiya

Also, it is clear as day that the Kerala High Court had no authority to annul Hadiya and Shafin’s marriage, and that their judgment was blatantly, patently illegal. So why did the Supreme Court not overturn it in July itself when all this began, even though the law on this was and remains clear?

Instead, the court has put everything off till the NIA finishes its investigation, even though the High Court decision wasn’t even based on the NIA investigation.

And you know what, even if they were convinced that the NIA had something valuable to say, they could have still put a temporary stay on the annulment, and fully freed Hadiya from her parents.

By not doing this, the Court has set a dangerous precedent – that the government and the police and the courts can ignore your rights, without even trying to disguise it under some law.

That this can happen to a citizen of this country, despite all the media attention, is downright depressing.

But this isn’t over. Make some noise guys! Make it clear that you stand with Hadiya in solidarity, that you support her fight for freedom. And not just some drip-fed, indulgently granted freedom but the full-bodied freedom that our Constitution guarantees us!

Article source: Kerala High Court

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